Learn From History

Learn history to know where the journey takes you

Learn from history by discussing it. Week three of our rotating curriculum here at AKF Lexington Martial Arts reserves time for us to discuss and learn from history. The reason for this is simple.  Understanding how we got somewhere can help us treasure the experience and respect the results.  Understanding mistakes that were made can […]

Goal Setting

Wikipedia says this about goals and goal setting: According to Locke and Latham, goals effect performance in the following ways: goals direct attention and effort toward goal-relevant activities, difficult goals lead to greater effort, goals increase persistence, with difficult goals prolonging effort, and goals indirectly lead to engagement, and to discovery and use of task-relevant […]

Let’s Get Motivated

Get Motivated

Martial Arts, Motivation and You! Let’s get motivated, maybe even using martial arts! Everyone needs a little motivation.  Motivation is everywhere.  Motivation is all around us.  What motivation looks like depends on who you are and what makes you tick.  When I was growing up the number one motivating factor I experienced was my Mom […]

Martial Arts empowers you to Be proud of you!

Be proud of you

The best self defense in the world is self esteem. Celebrate your self-image. Today we find ourselves living in a world of distorted facts.  Where a powerful phrase once meant nothing but positivity, today it may hold multiple meanings and even offend someone.  Be proud of yourself and pay attention to what others think of […]

Confidence Learned

Confidence Learned

If Confidence is learned, can you win confidence by failing? The Martial Art of Winning by Failing… http://www.akflexington.com Confidence Learned (The Art of Not Arguing – But Winning) Get ready to focus, listen and confidence is learned! Have you ever heard any of these lines? Stay true to who you are.  Do not bend to […]

There is so much to learn.

It’s fun to be dedicated. To be scared, and to persevere. To find those answers. To find the new questions. To learn!

Martial Arts Classes Nurture Kids Confidence and You Can Too!

Self-Confidence Check-up How does Kyuki-Do Martial Arts help nurture and develop self-confidence?  Kyuki-Do Martial Arts uses the martial arts training to provide perfect coaching opportunities of proper praise accompanied by clear expectations and accountability.  Even better, many of the techniques we use can also be used at home and even at school. Curious? Read on! […]