Martial Arts & School Grades

Adult Taekwondo Class in Nicholasville - You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner?

Is there any way that enrolling your child into martial arts can improve their school grades? In a word, YES! BETTER GRADES Enjoy and appreciate my point of view but you don’t need to rely soley on my word. Do a little research of your own. Ask your family doctor. Google it! No matter how […]

Indomitable Spirit vs. Perseverance

Indomitable Spirit

What is the difference between perseverance and indomitable spirit? Both characteristics, we work on here at AKF Lexington Martial Arts and in our own lives. We can easily focus on one or the other. In fact most people probably only have a solid understanding of one. Ask a friend the difference between Indomitable Spirit and […]

What is your philosophy (reason)

Martial Arts development

The philosophy and symbolism of Kyuki-Do Our philosophy starts here. Each student joins Kyuki-Do for different reasons, hoping to gain something different from it. Some people join for practical reasons such as physical fitness or the desire to learn self defense. Others joined in order to develop discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Still others joined simply […]

Empowerment – By Katelyn

Empowerement By katelyn

Participating in AKF Lexington Martial Arts has taught me to override that programming. Kyuki-Do empowered me.

Purpose -by Holly

Understand your actions and think it through. If life throws you a punch and you fail to block it, get back up, refocus, remember your Purpose. DON’T EVER QUIT.

Greatness -by Lydia


The Merriam Webster dictionary defines greatness as, “the quality or state of being great (as in size, skill achievement, or power)”. Greatness is persevering through a struggle or in the midst of failure.

Can We Kick Bully Butt?

Yes she can

In our classes we are talking with our students about Respect and Self-control. We do this nearly every class. As the understanding of proper behavior grows the chances of bully issues decreases. Believe it or not most kids want to do the right thing! The more they are reminded what that is the more they will try to accomplish it. The more they see success and understanding the more their confidence builds. This creates better decision making and in turn safer kids. This practice helps protect, and may even save, both the bully and the bullied from long lasting damages of bullying. Sounds great right? Now can we kick bully butt or should we learn more?